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Walking from the doorstep

So as we step out from our doorstep for the tranquility of water, woodland and birdsong this is still a path less travelled, still a secret place, walked by no more than several people per week, and yet we are walking in the footsteps of pilgrims and pre-historic ancestors. From the doorstep we step out onto the Landsker Borderlands Trail and The Celtic Way.

Be prepared for some muddy patches, and although dense and wild in places, the path is maintained by the local authority. Our threshold joins stage 3 of The Celtic Way on a route that was named ' Secret Carmarthenshire'; this leg of the Journey is a 32 mile walk, from  the 4000 year old Gors Fawr Stone Circle in the Preseli Hills, past King Arthur's Table (Gwal y filiast) in Login, and to the medieval site of Merlins Hill in Carmarthen.

So you are stepping onto a storyline that connects our town cottage in Carmarthen with our holidaynests in Login, and although you might just walk a mile or two your imagination may soar and fly much further.

The Celtic Way is a journey through ancient landscapes and sacred sites, starting and finishing at the coast, at places dedicated to St Michael. From Ynys Meicel on the West Coast of Wales to St. Michael’s Mount off the South coast of Cornwall. A journey of 725 miles.

The Landsker Borderlands Trail was named after the Landsker Line, which is a notional division following a line of castles that seperate the lowlands of South Pembrokeshire from the higher lands of North Pembrokeshire and Carmarthenshire. North of the Landsker line Welsh culture stayed intact for a long time, and the Welsh language continues to be spoken here. South of the line was setteld by invaders loyal to the English Crown. First came the Flemish and then the Normans, and it was the Normans who built the Castles.

Our video above will give you a flavour of the Secret landscape from our doorstep. This takes you along the Landsker Trail on a journey into Nature. There are other trails off the beaten track from our doorstep; one on a Pilgrim Route, another to an ancient burial chamber. Or you might like to walk along the quiet country lane (you dont need walking boots or wellies for this), simply up Login hill and down to the river Taf.