Carmarthenshire in pick of the best holiday destinations for 2020

Wonderful that The Sunday Times Travel Team have given Carmarthenshire a top spot as one of the best holiday destinations for 2020. Calling it an understated pocket of Wales.

And choosing it because it is away from the crowds, and prime for pedalling, paddling and pootling. And more than this they say it has;

...peaks crackling with ancient magic, terrific beaches, stirring castles, creaky harbours and cutesy market towns..... The county is trippling its number of mapped road-cycling routes to 20.... Carmarthenshire has the best rides in Wales.... the roads are the quietest, the scenery is magic, the hills are a test, and there is wilderness. A region of top Dark Sky Ratings and with wind swept summits that are as remote as Britain gets outside the Highlands.

This places Carmarthenshire in their eyes as the best region of Wales to visit in 2020, and as a staycation British Holiday this is where they are pointing travellers.

Carmarthenshire is in good Company; being topped by the likes of Jamaica, Marrakesh, and Tasmania; rated 19th. in the Worlds top 20 List from 'The Times'.

If they had asked us, we would have told them what our guests enjoy the most - its the friendliness of the locals. The weather may not always be warm but the welcome always is.