St Dwynwen’s day of Love

Everyone in love needs a bit of help sometimes or even a little miracle. With St Dwynwen’s day and St Valentine’s day on your romantic Calendar you get 2 chances to celebrate Love. If you are more inclined towards heartfelt gestures and making it real then choose the earlier date of 25th. January rather than 14th of Feb – or do it twice.

St Dwynwen’s wish was for all time – So do it anytime

St Dwynwen’s day tradition - Spend time together

St Dwynwen gave fortunate blessings to all Lovers, and the 25th. January celebration is different from St Valentines Day; lacking the commercial emphasis on presents. Make it real; spend time together, make something to show love – Perhaps your own card or a romantic meal, a log fire, or even a lovespoon.  And if you cannot spend time together then book a date for another day.  

St Dwynwen’s Wish for lovers

For Dwynwen love was not easy, and so her miracle was to make it easier for others.

The Welsh are a poetic lot; we love to tell a story. The story of St Dwynwen goes back centuries. Dwynwen was a Princess who became a Nun 1500 years ago. Her story was written by the poetic Priest Dafydd Trefor, about 500 years ago, and by the Druid Iolo Morganwg, 300 years later.

But if you take away the poetry this is how it reads:

  • Dwynwen was a Celtic Beauty born in Brecon (South Wales) of Irish Ancestry; she fell in Love with a North Wales Prince and they wanted to be married.
  • Her Father King Brychan would not let the Prince near her.
  • But the Prince made advances, which she rejected.
  • With a broken heart she took a potion, and the prince took it too.
  • She fell into a deep sleep, and he was frozen in ice.
  • An Angel came to Dwynwen and granted her 3 wishes:
  • 1.To release the Prince from his icy prison
  • 2.To never again desire marriage
  • 3.To answer her prayers on behalf of all lovers
  • She became a Nun and established a church on the Island of Anglesey in Wales
  • Lovers came to the island for a blessing at a sacred spring and if they were lucky a magical fish would tell their fortune.
  • On the 25th. January in Wales Solo traveller’s make wishes for love, and couples invoke blessing and good fortune by spending time together.
  • The gift of St Dwynwen is that you can make your wish anytime of the year -because that was her wish for you.

Cuddle up in front of the log fire and sleep under the stars in the comfort of a Super-King bed. Cook a special brekfast and maybe even choose your own Lovespoon from the workshop near us - Take a look at - Whatever you wish, we can make it special.