Favourite things to do in West Wales

Our central location gives you maximum choices for things to do in West Wales - with 200 miles of coastline and more than 60 beaches surrounding us, 3 coastal towns and 3 market towns within 30 mins drive, and we are located in the rolling hills of an ancient landscape that is filled with 5000 year old megalithic Architecture, and 13th Century Castles every 10 miles or so. And it's a great location for Walking and Cycling and Watersports.

There are secret places, and we have our favourite spots. Of course your choices will be weather dependent, so you may have to adjust these closer to the time. There are plenty of things to do on rainy days too.

From June until Sept the popular restaurants and activities can be booked up many weeks ahead. So we suggest you check availability and book as soon as you can.

What would you like to do?

If you let us know which areas you fancy visiting and what you tend to favour as things to do and see and eat, then we will send you some suggestions. Contact Lindsay and Jackie

However plenty of guests have dropped their plans on arrival, deciding to relax here, enjoying the tranquility of nature and the river, and being with the Alpacas.

With our location being so central, we are creating 'holidaynests' - Great to travel out from, even better to return to.

For simplicity sake I like to tell guests that Westward is Wilder, going South is the most popular choice, going North is the road less travelled and Eastwards is known as the garden of Wales with lush and green hills and valleys and great gardens to visit. We all have different ideas for the best things to do, and we are sure we can point in the best direction for you.

My preference for days out is to go North and West because I like the ancient and wilder landscapes best. The Dolphins and the Seals like it best in the North and the West too.

If we are going out for just a couple of hours, we tend to go up into the Preseli Hills or to Amroth on the Coast, because they are so close.

If you want to be as free as a bird then take your chance - travel off in any direction and you are likely to stumble upon some wonderful and curious things to do.

Holidaynests comes from our desire to share our place and our passion for where we live.

We will fill our guidebook as time goes on, but for now it's best to contact us if you want to know more. Contact Lindsay and Jackie.

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