Just inside Carmarthen's Old Town Wall, with the Castle as its neighbour; there is now only one stone cottage. Historically it was The Judges Library. With one bedroom, and plenty of space to cook and relax, it is an ideal Christmas cottage for a couple to enjoy a unique stay in the heart of the town, where there is so much to do.

It’s new - so it’s a special treat.

The Historic Quarter of Carmarthen, Wales oldest Town, is undergoing a transformation. So whats new for couples in Carmarthen; Stay at The Judges Library, eat at The Cofio Lounge and dance at Notts Bar.

Its quiet enough for dreaming.

So now there is a Castle, some coffee shops, and pubs, a night club, and a restaurant, and all on the historic Nott Square and Guildhall square; just 2 minutes’ walk up the street from a cottage that is quiet enough for dreaming. Sounds ideal for couples at Christmas.

At the bottom of the Street is the River Towy (that’s why it’s called Quay Street), and a short walk across the river footbridge to the train station – for so many more travel choices.

Old and New in Wales for Christmas

The Judges Library is not just in the historic quarter, and entertainment quarter of the oldest town in Wales; it’s also the boutique shopping quarter, with all the art galleries, and plenty of coffee stops; this makes it a great choice for couples seeking a Christmas cottage experience – You may as well make the most of it - it’s not far to walk, so you don’t need to drive.

Carmarthen Winter Wonderland opens late November, with an ice rink and a sky swing and Wales only Ice Bar. Then the Christmas lights switch on in Guildhall square with street entertainment. Carmarthen Christmas Market opens in November for one month.

When you have had your fill of Christmas cheer it is just a short walk back down the street, away from the lights and the people, to the cosy quiet of The Judges Library cottage.

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