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Alpacas and the valley of longing

More Alpacas than people in Login

The village is called Login, but in the days of snail-mail we often received post addressed to ‘Longing’; and that made us think of the place as ‘the valley of longing’. Our guests have always commented on the sense of well-being here. It is certainly quiet with more Alpacas than people in the village now.

There’s just something about ALPACAS!

Love at first sight; when two people connect across a room – that’s how it was for Jackie with Alpacas; except it was a stable in a farm show; and now we have so many.

We need animals to maintain our land; we had sheep and goats, but there is just something special about Alpacas; they tread so lightly on the land, and they are such characters; it’s relaxing and amusing to spend time with them.

Our care of the land

Perhaps we see ourselves more as caretakers than farmers; half our land has been Organic for 30 years or more (the Alpacas especially enjoy the Organic Orchard). For 10 years we were partners on the ‘Tir Gofal’ (care of the land) scheme; where we learned to take an holistic view of how to work with nature; we lay hedges, create wildlife corridors, and manage our woodland in a responsible way.