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Eco Design and Self Build

We up-cycle and we handcraft

So much of the furniture and wood we use has been up-cycled; the breakfast bar in The Judges Library was made from old roof beams and a Victorian plant stand. The wall cladding in Writing Shed Wales had been on the ceiling of a local house for 150 years. The slate over the log burner was salvaged from the Old Mill on our Farm.

Timber comes from our woodland

Even the trusses in The Stone Barn were cut from a fallen tree in our village, the Larch cladding that we use on all our buildings is from this valley, and the logs for the fires are from the thinnings of Ash trees in our woodland.

Contemporary and Rustic

The ruins of a Grain Mill and a Woollen Mill are on our land, and we live in the Mill House. Working mills are in nearby towns where you can see the workings and treat yourself to their Organic flour and bread or even a traditional Welsh blanket. Although we have brought a modern style to the place; with Alpacas not Sheep, and contemporary rustic designs, our presence here means that a longstanding way of life continues.

At Writing Shed Wales - We use alternative energy

For the holidaynests on our farm we have Solar PV's generating up to 6KW and providing hot water back up via an Emmersun. A Bio-mass boiler and Ash logs cut from our own woodland. We also have a charging point for Electric vehicles. Our sewage is dealt with via Bio-Digester, and we are currently working on rainwater harvesting for our greenhouse. LED lighting and composting.

At The Judges Library - Public Transport is the Greenest choice

Even with all that we have done at Writing Shed Wales, we think that the Greenest choice for an Eco-holiday is to ditch the car and stay at The Judges Library; because walking, cycling, and public transport, have such a positive effect on reducing the Carbon Footprint.