Well-being and Design

Jackie is a Therapist and husband Lindsay is an Architect and the author of 'The Secret of Home'. We are both Welsh, and our business 'holidaynests' is a new venture for us.Our main Career focus has been health and well-being, and the whole family loves Art and Design. We have decided to share what we love and what we have created over the past 26 years.


We bought the farm for its natural peace and beauty; Fresh air, the river, big sky, woodland, and plenty of space.200 miles of coastline wraps around us, and in these hills and valleys the landscape has an air of wonder and mystery. It offered a place of well-being where we could immerse ourselves in nature; to build and be creative.Our children were happy here.

We are empty-nesters now, so we are transforming our place into ‘holidaynests’; for people who like comfort, enjoy nature, and appreciate hand crafted details.

Farm Stay and Town Cottage

At the farm, where we breed Alpacas; we have ‘Writing Shed Wales’. ‘The Judges Library’ is our town cottage, which we love because it feels like a country cottage, yet it is in the historic quarter at the heart of Carmarthen town; so we like to stay there when it’s not rented to guests, it makes a nice change from our rural farm life.

We have done all the interior design and renovation ourselves, so we hope you enjoy it.